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We like to jump with the camera. It is not only a great memory but also a perfect tool to learn and advance in our sport. Every time you see a video – you learn, even if it is somebody else’s jump.

We also live in a world, where people take ownership rights seriously.

Be a part of education

We hope you enjoy our free educational Videos section. We want to keep it going, and for this, we need your help: Your Videos, and we ask you to upload your video to us with your permission to use it to produce free educational material.

Why Upload Your videos to us first

There are other sites that might want your videos for various reasons. Some want to get attention to their content. Some run viral campaigns. Some might even pay you for it, or at least promise to pay. But they will ask for exclusive rights for your video. For example, if you sell exclusive rights to a viral factory, it will be lost for the skydiving community forever. Even popular skydiving related sites will lock your video for their own use. We are different.

  1. We don’t ask exclusive rights for your video. When You give us permission – you still can give permission to somebody else, or even sell exclusive rights to somebody else.
  2. We always use Your video in FREE skydiving educational material.
  3. We can discuss the educational context of your video – if you learned an important lesson during your video – you can send your point across.

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About Toggle Science

We have an experience, knowledge and technology to help you learn skydiving on the ground, so you will come to the dropzone ready to jump