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Spot Assist Mobile App

Andrey Kan Posts

Spot Assist is a mobile application to visualize different stages of your jump

How does it look

Check the weather forecast. Important information about clouds at different altitudes, winds, gusts
Check the best exit area. Highlighted the best exit area to safely make it back to the dropzone
Check the landing pattern for your dropzone, based on the current wind and your dropzone considerations

It also has additional features, like Simulator and Cutaway Finder. Simulator might be very useful to see the effect of wind on your skydive.

How does it work

Honestly – it is kind of magic, just look at this

If you still insist – it is plotted based on the current weather data at your dropzone. Not enough? Ok, all the details about the math behind it are described at the Spot Assist website: Flying Formula

Also, the website contains pretty nice write-up about the app What is Spot Assist

Download Spot Assist

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March 30, 2020

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