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ISP Coach jumps

Learn flying skills to prepare for A license Check Dive
Andrey Kan Posts

You got signed for solo jumps. Congratulations!.

Don’t forget that you are required to make 3 coach jumps with USPA coach. Why do you need coach jumps?

Your get your solo endorsement when you learn to be stable in the freefall and always pull on time. Now it is time to learn how to fly.

Coach jumps cover basic air maneuvers:

  1. Adjusting your fall rate – how to slow down and speed up
  2. Moving forward and backward – how to get a dock
  3. Combination of up/down and forward/backward movements – how to fly to dock quickly
  4. Tracking – how to end the skydive and fly away to create a separation for safe parachute deployment

Demonstration of these skills are a part of your A license Check Dive.

USPA coach will teach you to fly and will jump with you so you could practice.


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August 3, 2019

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