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Landing in bad weather condition, landing mistakes

Sometimes we jump in bad weather conditions. (High wind, dust devils, turbulence, thermals).Most dangerous mistakes on the landing are target …Read More

LenkaJune 3, 2020

Obstacles landing

Usually, you can avoid obstacle landing, if you make the right decision and know your canopy flight characteristics. In case …Read More

LenkaMarch 30, 2020

Off-field landing

If an off-field landing cannot be avoided: Do not waste altitude trying to reach the main landing area when a …Read More

LenkaMarch 27, 2020

Aircraft Emergencies

Aircraft emergencies. Aircraft emergencies can be scary experiences. But preparing for them will help you react quickly and correctly. Make …Read More

LenkaFebruary 13, 2020

Low speed malfunctions

The jumper can usually correct routine (minor) problems and low speed malfunctions (more than 5 cells inflated). He has enough …Read More

LenkaJanuary 8, 2020

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