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It is high speed malfunction. A “horseshoe” is a malfunction where a parachute deploys, but remains attached to a skydiver by its risers and at least one other point.

With a throw-out main pilot-chute deployment system (pilot chute deployment prior to closing pin extraction), the container can open before the pilot chute is deployed (premature main container opening), causing one type of horseshoe malfunction. In this case first, attempt to deploy the main pilot chute for no more than two tries or two seconds, whichever comes first. Failing that, cut away and deploy the reserve.

What To Do

Execute EP’s if the pilot chute can’t be located after two tries or if deploying the pilot chute results in a partial malfunction.


Other type of Horseshoe malfunction is bridle wraps arm or leg (usually because of bad body position on the deployment).

What To Do

In this case try to clear it from the entangled body part at the most two times, and then execute EP.


  • Good equipment and closing system maintenance
  • Careful movement in the aircraft and during climbout and exit
  • Avoiding jumper contact that involves the main closing system



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