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This course must be engraved into your mind. It describes all malfunctions in detail. A part of the First Jump Course skydivers learn during their student program and recurrence course. However, no matter how experienced you are it is a good idea to refresh malfunctions.
  1. Classifications of Malfunctions
  2. High speed malfunctions
  3. Low speed malfunctions
  4. Two canopies out
  5. Other problems

Course Curriculum

Сlassifications of Malfunctions FREE 00:00:00
Classifications of malfunctions video 00:00:00
High Speed
High speed malfunctions 00:00:00
Lost deployment handle 00:00:00
Lost deployment handle video 00:00:00
Hard pull 00:00:00
Hard pull video 00:00:00
Pilot chute hesitation 00:00:00
Pilot chute hesitation video 00:00:00
Pilot chute in tow 00:00:00
Pilot chute in tow video 00:00:00
Horseshoe FREE 00:00:00
Horseshoe video 00:00:00
Bag lock 00:00:00
Bag Lock video 00:00:00
Streamer 00:00:00
Streamer video 00:00:00
Slider up snivel, slider up spin, slider up + line twist 00:00:00
Low Speed
Low speed malfunctions 00:00:00
Slider up 00:00:00
Slider up video 00:00:00
End cells closure 00:00:00
End cells closure video 00:00:00
Line twist 00:00:00
Line twist video FREE 00:00:00
Progressing Line Twist 00:00:00
Progressing line twist (video) 00:00:00
Premature brake release (Toggle fire, Canopy in turn) 00:00:00
Premature Brake release video 00:00:00
Steering line(s) won’t release (Stuck toggle) 00:00:00
Pilot chute over the nose 00:00:00
Pilot chute over the nose video 00:00:00
Line over 00:00:00
Line over video 00:00:00
Tension knot 00:00:00
Tension knot video 00:00:00
Broken line 00:00:00
Broken Line video 00:00:00
Canopy damage 00:00:00
Canopy damage video 00:00:00
Two Canopies Out
Two canopies out 00:00:00
2 canopies out video 00:00:00
Biplane 00:00:00
Biplane video 00:00:00
Side by Side 00:00:00
Side by side video 00:00:00
Downplane 00:00:00
Downplane video 00:00:00
Second inflated canopy 00:00:00
Second inflated canopy video 00:00:00
Main reserve entanglement 00:00:00
Main reserve entanglement video 00:00:00
Other problems 00:00:00
Premature deployment 00:00:00

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  1. Skydiving Malfunctions


    a thorough review of what to do when things go wrong. This is a great way to remind yourself, both in writing and with videos, what do to when your parachute malfunctions.

  2. Great Safety Course


    Great Course. Will take over and over and over again!!!

  3. Excellent course.


    I really recomend do him.

  4. skydiving malfunctions


    Awesome course Lenka! You’re the best!

  5. 5

    Very good course! Clear and complete 🙂

  6. Great review


    Very helpful and informative!

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